Our Story

The mastery of the craftsmen of the past is joined to the study of shapes and uses always changing, to propose solutions and ideas tailored for every event and for all environments, thanks to the multiplicity of versions and models available and modifiable. All over the world, those who choose Casitalia sit on sofas designed and manufactured according to their own taste and for specific needs, the result of original passion, maximum attention to detail and constant study of the correct balance between design and comfort.

Aesthetics and Comfort

When we design and develop a new model (a sofa, armchair or other) we want the different versions to harmonize with each other, to always offer maximum comfort for every need. Regardless, if you prefer, in leather or fabric. In any case and always, at the disposal of every choice, we offer only high-quality materials so that the value of the sofa remains intact over the years.


Your sofa represents the meeting between the design idea and the style of those who have to use it. Casitalia selects and chooses the most functional and resistant coverings, as well as elegant and pleasant, finalizing them to an offer and a variety of combinations, useful to satisfy every taste and need. The selection of upholstery, leather or fabrics, is perfected by the meticulous work of cutting and sewing, and also by the assiduous precision of experts and dedicated upholsterers.

All around the world

Casitalia shows up as a reference in the World. It offers 40 models and a continuous evolution of the collection and upholstering. We are always in continuous research and development so that we can ensure innovative products, always at the forefront. From Italy to Europe and then Africa, Asia, America. This is the Casitalia Sofas World.


A careful selection of raw materials and a manufacturing process followed with extreme care characterize the exclusivity of Casitalia sofas. Our wide range of models, constantly renewed, is distinguished by the deep sartorial care and the most advanced technologies, models in which they harmonize perfectly aesthetics and comfort. The Upholsteries range from leather to fabrics, some of which are completely removable and washable, and are available in a wide range of colors.


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